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Much like their name might suggest, TWICEYOUNG are a dichotomy - a potent blend of juxtaposing aesthetics, connected by a singular numbing nostalgia that breathe a new light on soaring indie pop. The Nashville three-piece combine hopeful and heartfelt lyrics with the electronica stylings of contemporary pop artists like James Blake and Sucre to create an honest and unique sound all their own.




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...destined to be a cult sensation, if not something bigger.
— Entertainment Weekly
‘Separate You’ starts off melodic and slow, but quickly builds momentum with a mixture of synths set against lots of bass.
... [Uncover] finds the band excavating deep bass sonics and hovering above the fray with effervescent synths and remorseful, but increasingly frustrated vocals


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I should care when it’s so quiet, Find the peace of mind, That I had once, A love I used to want is very gone,

I can bury my old ties, My intentions right, What have I done? Am I on your mind when you’re alone?

There’s creatures in my house when I’m sleeping, They bring me down and I wanna go, I know you’re fading, Tell me you’ve been faking,

I’m tired of letting you go, When you move under cover, I’m letting go, Don’t hide the love you want, No mind the hearts that you harm, I should hate to be so blind, Will I need to hide all that I want? I say it all the time, you ought to know,

Love, you’re so close, I could stick around and you’d never know,


Am I your favorite now? Are you saying there’s nothing else you felt? I’ll take the blame some how, I’ve been meaning to tell you out loud, oh well,

Now I don’t have to hear you say I’m waiting on you, You know I think so clear when I’m closer to you, love, Closer to you

I don't have to be here, So say you know that you got what you wanted, Stay out of sight now, I’ll always love you but tonight I can’t let you go,

Rephrase a time we’ve passed, I shape up a moment to tell myself, I never notice now, What’s over my shoulder I wanted less, I’ll always love you but tonight I can’t let you go.


Tracing lines to what I want, I know you’re waiting there, The loss was so severe,

Wide eyed, Night Light, You’re in my window, I’m alive, I can’t forget, I won’t pretend,

When I’m thinking of you are you thinking of me? Tell me I hardly listen when you speak, I wanted love, It hurts too much,

We drive at midnight, You’re in the middle hand in mine, You love to sing, You want to dream,

I’m so tired, I’m gone tomorrow, I wanted love, I wanted love.


I heard you’re passing through, I love you too,

These halls are alive, Awake with the night, You know my fate, You’re waiting,

The quiet breaks with white light, And I trace our lifeless eyes,

Then I noticed, for the first time, where you were,

There’s no going back this time, Or any hope of second tries, It died tonight, Right is right,

Oh I want to be in love, I’ll wait for anyone here.


Oh my child it’s time for you to know, Where I stand is right where I belong, Here’s where I can break and sew myself to you,

I know,

So, so it goes,

Like you knew me, You said never let go, And the second our eyes met I was in love, I was in love,

Stolen from the place you’d never go, I’m twice the man I was when I was young, Here’s where I can break and sew myself to you,

I know,

So, so it grows,

Like you knew me, You said never let go, And the second our eyes met I was in love, I was in love,

In the same old town, Is that everything you need? Here’s the same old town, Well I’m right beside you, Darling, we’re not so young anymore.

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